Nicolette Emanuelle was the coach for Earth to Sky and brought with her over two decades of performance experience. She started teaching aerial arts in 2014.

Hello! I’m Kat. I was the team captain for Earth to Sky’s spring 2020 season. I’ve been doing circusy things since about 2009. And I am a nap enthusiast.

ig- @carnivalkitkat

I’m Sam, I have been doing aerial since 2014 and I was the music director and co-captain for the 2020 spring season. I now attend film school in California!

My name is Emma, I have been doing Aerial Silks since around 2015. I was one of the prop managers for the 2020 spring season.

Hi my name is Ella and I’ve been training aerial for several years, but started performing about two years ago. My favorite apparatus right now is sling, but I also perform on fabric and do some contortion.