Beth Del Nero is the coach for Earth to Sky and Earth to Sky Junior. She has 11 years of aerial teaching experience and has been studying and performing aerial dance since 2005. With a background in teaching and performing dance, she considers herself a dancer first whether in the air or on the floor, and a forever student.

ig: @beththedancer

Hey I’m Annika Egerstedt. I’m the co-captain of Earth to Sky. I have been practicing for 11 years and perform on hammock, silks, and lyra, but I also do juggling and contortion.

ig: @circus_twins_atl

Hi I’m Olivia and I am co-captain of Earth to Sky. I’ve been doing aerial since 2009! I mainly do hammock and silks but I also do lyra, juggling and partner balancing.

ig: @circus_twins_atl

Hi, my name is Teagan! I’ve been doing aerial for seven years with a focus on hammock. I’ve been learning silks skills recently and I’m excited to use them this season!

ig: @teagan.daye

Hi I’m Alexa! I have been doing aerial on and off since I was seven years old. I mostly do silks and I also like to box.

ig: @alexa.mcceilidh

Hi I’m Hava! I have been dancing for twelve years and have done aerial for two! I mainly do silks and trapeze but I have also worked on sling and lyra!

ig: @havafinke42

Hi I’m Jada and I’ve been doing aerial for eight years, (though I might have taken at least one pretty long break). This is the coolest thing I’ve ever done.

ig: @__h_e_c_c__

Hey, I’m Clara! I have been doing aerial for 3 years. I mainly work on silks. I really enjoy performing and I’m so excited for troupe this year 🙂